Getting rid of Cherry Haemangiomas (Red Moles) can be done with minimal downtime in one visit. Our haemangioma removal London doctors have successfully treated numerous cases. Cherry Haemangiomas are also known as Campbell de Morgan spots or senile angiomas.

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These moles are made up of small blood vessels or capillaries and they start appearing on different parts of the body as you grow old. Research shows that these moles usually appear in adults older than 30 years. The annoying part is that these moles start growing in number as you grow older. The “American Family Physician” revealed that around 50 percent of adults are at risk of suffering from this problem.

If you want to remove these moles instantly, contact our team for haemangioma removal London. In this article, we’ll discuss important details about these moles and the treatment options. So, let’s get started.

Should You worry?

Cherry haemangiomas usually do not cause any harm to the skin so there is no need to be worried about them. But sometimes, these angiomas may reflect other health issues such as liver damage. So, if you’re experiencing a sudden outbreak of several lesions, you should consult your doctor for a review. Our skin specialist dermatologists can provide a diagnosis and offer haemangioma removal London.

Haemangioma removal is often considered if the angioma starts to bleed or makes you feel uncomfortable.


Experts believe that Cherry Haemangiomas tend to be genetic but the causes of these moles are mostly unknown. However, research shows that exposure to bromides can promote the growth of cherry haemangiomas.

Plastic, prescription drugs, and baking ingredients are products of everyday use that may contain Bromine. Not all researchers accept the authenticity of this theory.


Cherry haemangiomas are removed with different types of treatments. Here are the four common options that haemangioma removal London experts use for removing these moles.

1. Cryosurgery

Cryosurgery is a common method used for removing the cherry haemangiomas. In this method, the doctors spray the liquid nitrogen on the affected area to freeze off the tissue. The cherry haemangiomas are easily destroyed due to extreme cold. It’s considered to be an easy and instant way of removing cherry haemangiomas.

Most of the times, one treatment session is enough for the removal of these moles. Once the moles are removed, you won’t have to pay any attention to them.

2. Electrodesiccation

The haemangioma removal London experts use this method to burn off the skin growths. It’s considered to be an ideal option for benign tumours, pre-cancers, and serious skin cancers. In the beginning, the doctors apply local anaesthetic to numb the area. Then, they destroy the blood vessels with the help of an electric needle. Once the blood vessels are destroyed, the doctors carefully scrape off the angioma.

The doctor will then apply the dressing to the wound so it may heal properly. There is minimal scarring with excellent results.

3. Excision

It’s one of the most common methods that haemangioma removal London experts use to remove the cherry haemangiomas from your skin. In this method, they shave or cut the lesion from the skin. But before they start the procedure, they must apply a local anaesthetic so that it doesn’t cause any pain.

This tends to be a preferred method for unusually large lesions.

4. Laser Removal

The haemangioma removal London experts use electrocautery to remove cherry haemangiomas. Some clinics will refer to this as laser but this is not correct.

Laser removal options exist and are often offered by salons. This is not a method used at London Dermatology Clinic.

Do not Treat Cherry Haemangiomas at home

There is no doubt that there are different methods available on the internet which report to help remove cherry haemangiomas at home. However, we strongly advise against the use of these methods due to the nature of these lesions – the presence of blood vessels puts you at risk of significant bleeding. Our haemangioma removal London experts are skilled in identifying and treating these lesions safely.

We use advanced tools to effectively remove these moles without causing any pain. The important part is that the risks of complication are reduced when you visit our haemangioma removal London experts for treatment instead of attempting removal of these collections of blood vessels at home.


Cherry haemangiomas are usually harmless but you may visit the haemangioma removal London experts if the moles are getting worse or you wish to have them removed. At London Dermatology Clinic, we have a team of experts available to offer advice and treatment so feel free to contact our friendly team today to book a consultation.