No doubt you will be aware of various methods being advertised for mole removal. The question we get asked often is should we have our moles removed by laser? The first point to consider is WHAT IS LASER? Many clinics claim to use ‘laser’ when this is in fact an electrocautery device, which is not a laser, instead it burns the mole to destroy it.

So, what are the RISKS?


The most obvious risk is not being able to have an intact sample to send to the laboratory for analysis. This would be the only way to be certain that it is not cancerous. Many patients opt to remove moles because of concerns regarding skin cancer. If the mole is removed by laser, an accurate laboratory analysis becomes difficult if not impossible. In many cases, you will have removed the mole, only for it to return again. If it was cancer, this would go undetected for longer.
Safer methods?

A surgical excision is the gold standard for having an accurate laboratory analysis of the mole and due to the skills of our experienced surgeons, the removal of the mole is virtually always complete thereby providing the re-assurance you deserve.

It is important to be aware of all the techniques available as they will vary in the results you receive. Certain methods claim to leave minimal scars but at the cost of likely incomplete removal, recurrence and worryingly missing out on laboratory analysis. However, surgical removal will, like any invasive surgery, leave a scar and the degree of this will depend on various factors including the surgeons skill, procedure, site of operation, patient’s background and risk factors.

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