Here at the London Dermatology Clinic, we perform a number of surgical removals and corrections.

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Skin Tags London 1Skin Tags

Mole Removal London 1Mole Removal

Verrucas Warts London 1Wart Removal

Sebaceous Cyst Removal London 1Cyst Removal


Some common skin conditions often seen at the London Dermatology Clinic for surgical treatment include warts, verrucas, skin tags, moles and sebaceous cysts. Most of these conditions can be diagnosed by a doctor simply by an external examination of the affected skin. Other less common skin conditions such as basal cell carcinoma, problem moles, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma may require a variety of tests to confirm a suspected diagnosis. The doctor will discuss any procedures and test results with the patient as soon as possible as well as plan a course of action to treat it.

Cosmetic Skin Conditions

Conditions of the skin that are purely cosmetic in nature such as warts, skin tags, sebaceous cysts, and mole removal can all be assessed with suitable treatment plans arranged at the London Dermatology Clinic. Our doctors understand that skin conditions can often affect a person’s feelings about themselves and recognize the importance of treating cosmetic issues in a timely manner. The London Dermatology Clinic has the training, equipment and referral system necessary to handle skin problems of any nature.

Treatments – SAME DAY Treatments Available

Visiting the London Dermatology Clinic allows patients to have a thorough inspection and discussion of their skin condition. The surgeon will recommend a course of treatment that will be most effective for each individual patient’s situation. SAME DAY treatment options are available for various conditions including mole removal, cyst removal, skin tag removal, and wart removal. Treatments can consist of prescriptions, cryotherapy, mole analysis, skin biopsy for diagnosis purposes, excisions of growths or lesions, cosmetic procedures and any other number of therapies. Visiting the skin clinic will determine exactly which treatment is best suited to a person’s condition, age, level of health and other individual circumstances.

Those with concerns about their skin lesions such as moles and skin tags should contact the London Dermatology Clinic to receive a personalized consultation to rule out anything serious.