Mr. Danish Imran

GMC: 4469265

Mr. Danish Imran is a highly experienced consultant plastic surgeon with over 25 years’ surgical experience, with experience operating both in the UK and internationally. He has a wide experience in operating on common skin lesions as well as having an interest in hand surgery.

Mr Imran completed a hand surgery fellowship at the Pulvercraft Hand surgery centre and has operated on over 1,000 cases of carpal tunnel surgery too. He was one of the earlier surgeons to routinely operate on carpal tunnel cases under local anaesthetic having completed numerous lists at Chelsea & Westminster, Plymouth and Salisbury hospitals.

He is currently working as a Plastic Surgeon in the NHS operating on skin cancer lists.

He has presented internationally at medical conferences and has a large number of publications to his name over the decades.

Here at the London Dermatology Clinic Mr. Imran routinely operates on carpal tunnel surgery as well as minor skin surgery for cyst, mole, lipomas and skin tag removals.



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