Lipoma Removal London

Have your lipomas removed from just £299

  • Pain-free Procedures
  • Quick and Easy
  • No Recovery Time
  • Doctor On-Call Daily
  • Same-day Removal
  • Up to 20 Minutes
  • Over 10,000 Removed
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Lipoma Removal London

Have your lipomas removed from just £299

  • Pain-free Procedures
  • Quick and Easy
  • No Recovery Time
  • Doctor On-Call Daily
  • Same-day Removal
  • Up to 20 Minutes

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Our highly experienced team of UK accredited Doctors can remove your lipomas with minimal discomfort and scarring.

Lipomas or fat lumps which can be unsightly and at times in awkward positions and hence irritate patients like yourself. They are often benign fat filled growths or tumours that have been there for years and as you appreciate refuse to go away. On rare occasions, however they can be more sinister and change into cancers, hence seeing a doctor may also be helpful if you have any concerns. Your lipoma removal would be carried out by a specialist UK certified doctor who has successfully completed several hundred similar procedures.

Our expert Doctors have performed thousands of lipoma removals and have decades of experiences making them the top choice for patients looking for lipoma removal in London. In addition, they are highly experienced in scar minimisation techniques and work for London's leading hospitals and trusts such as UCL's Royal Free and Imperial College hospitals.

Why Choose Us?

Specialist doctors with decades of experience

Class leading care at affordable prices

On-call doctor 7 days a week exclusively for our patients

Open weekdays, weekends and late evenings

Minutes walk from 3 tube stations and mainline

Same day treatments available

Independently rated 98% (4.9/5) by over 1,000 WhatClinic users

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Doctor consultation is £80. This also includes a follow-up some time following surgery just to check everything has healed up ok. We allocate enough time and are ready should you choose to have the treatment done on the same day straight after the consultation. All pricing is dependent upon size and location, and is subject to consultation with Doctor.

Lipoma Removal

Lipoma Cost of Surgery
Small £299
Medium £399
Large Please call for price (£)


You'll be given all the dressings you need and advised when to change them. We recommend to keep the wound dry for 2 days following the procedure. You'll be given a quick wound check a few weeks following the procedure, and a follow up consultation if needed.

If there's something you're not sure about or you experience pain or redness, give us a call.

Don't exercise as much for at least two weeks after procedure, especially in areas such as the back or legs. Just ask us if unsure.

Removal of stitches (if not dissolvable). Biopsy results, you'll be contacted and a report sent to you. A GP letter should you request/need one.

Patient Feedback

Lab Analysis

At the clinic we offer a biopsy service where we send your lipoma off to the lab to be examined by a specialist Doctor called a pathologist who'll look at the layers of the skin to see if there's anything not right or suspicious. We'll then get in touch with you once the results are back and send you a report. This service costs an additional £120.


Maybe you have a lipoma you're worried about, however, you're unsure about a removal and would like a specialist to take a look and advise about this lipoma and other skin lesions you may have. In this case please give us a call and request to see one of our dermatologists for a full body mole and skin lesion analysis consultation costing £195.

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