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Book an appointment online today with a specialist. Speak to one of our expert dermatologist consultant's about your skin concerns from the comfort of your own home. We have a selection of online appointments available to speak with one of our UK registered and experienced skin doctor online. We have found online video consultations to be extremely successful and popular among our patients because it requires no travel, no waiting times and it can be scheduled from your smartphone. You can submit a form online or call us on 020 8050 0019 to speak with one of our advisor over the phone. Get an answer and save time!


Our Dermatologists In London

We are proud to have a variety of award-winning consultant dermatologists working at the Clinic. Some also have lead roles in dermatology hospital units. They have expert insight into general dermatology as well as specialising in different skin conditions.

Our consultant dermatologists make accurate and prompt decisions for patients to get the best outcome possible, with an emphasis placed on what the patient wants. The surgeons and dermatologists at the London Dermatology Clinic are trained to recognise any number of different conditions and treat them with the most cutting edge technology available. Each case is looked at individually and treatment plans are customised according to each patient’s specific needs and desired results.

Dr. Andreea Anton

Dr Anton works as a Dermatologist in the prestigious Imperial College Healthcare Trust and is sought after for her treatment of acne scarring.

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Dr. Fernanda Teixeria

Dr. Teixeira MD PhD is a well respected and highly experienced Consultant Dermatologist. She completed her PhD at the University of London and specialised in pathology.

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Dr. Maham Khan

A very dedicated and warm dermatologist. When Dr Khan isn’t with us at the clinic, she works at the department of dermatology for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.  

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How does it work?

Book an appointment online

Book An Appointment Online

You can book your appointment online by filling the booking form below or you can call one of our advisor over the phone on 020 8050 0019. Alternatively, you can request a call back, and one of our advisor will call you. We have a selection of online appointments available and you will be booked with one of our expert and experienced skin doctor online.

Healthcare Questionnaire

We highly recommend you to fill out the brief healthcare questionnaire which we will email to you prior to your appointment. This includes details of your skin condition, previous letters you may have from other doctors and possibly photos of your skin condition which you can send. This will help our dermatologist with the online consultation and have a deeper understanding of your skin condition.

Consultation With Your Doctor Online

You will meet remotely with your UK (GMC) registered skin doctor via video consultation or audio only. It is important to let us know whichever is easiest and most comfortable for you. Speak to your doctor at the scheduled time in a secure and completely private one-on-one session, to discuss your symptoms and concerns as you would do during face-to-face consultation.

Why use an online dermatologist?


Consult with a dermatologist online at the comfort of your own home. No more needing to travel or leave your office to get the help you need.

Safe & Effective

Many skin condition consultations can be treated safely and effectively online because our expert skin doctors have decades of experience in dermatology.


We ensure to treat your data securely in line with the most stringent of data protection guidelines.


If required, your doctor will be able to prescribe you the skin medication you need and send it across to your nearby pharmacy.


We have a team of skin experts at the London Dermatology Clinic which means we are flexible in case you need help with any follow-up care.


How much will it cost?

Inital Consultation: £149

Follow Up Consultation: £119

If you require a blood test or any other tests, we have great partnerships with laboratories that can quickly provide testing at discounted rates. If you require any procedures to be performed at hospital level on your skin, your doctor can refer you to one of our partner clinics that suits you.

What does this price include?

Your expert dermatology doctor will carefully review your health questionnaire prior to your appointment which can include pictures you have shared and previous letters signed by doctors.

Meet your doctor online for a video consultation in the comfort of your own home.

Writing a prescription that can be dispensed by your local pharmacy.

Alternative prescription provided in required, for example, if there are issues with stock issues and this will be at no extra cost.

A complimentary letter or referral e.g. referral for further tests or GP letter.

If there is an unlikely event that you react to the medication prescribed by your doctor, they will be able to advise and formulate a new plan for you.


Book a video consultation

Fill in your details to see one of our specialists remotely at a convenient time for you.

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What people say about online dermatology

"My doctor assessed my eczema quickly and efficiently during a video consultation in lockdown. It was a great experience because all of my questions were answered and felt confident after the consultation. I highly recommend this online consultation service from London dermatology clinic." Margaret

"The online deramatology service was very good and statisfactory. I just used my smartphone and it was much easier than anticipated. Not only did I save plenty of time but I am very fortunate to get what wanted and I'm happy that my problem has been solved." Brian

Patient Feedback

Iram N
a month ago
Fantastic clinic! I was seen by Dr Maham Khan who was really lovely and extremely knowledgeable. She was very patient and took her time to...
Leo Camaj
a month ago
Great service ,very professional and friendly staff. The price was great too as it was over £1000 cheaper than other clinics I did contact. Highly...
Tom Johnson
2 months ago
Had a 1.5cm lipoma removed from the forehead. Operation took 20 mins and cost £574, this price included the follow up consultation and stitch removal...