Eye Cyst (Chalazion) Treatment & Removal London

Have your eyelid lump removal for £330 per eye.

  • Pain-free Procedures
  • Quick and Easy
  • No Recovery Time
  • No Referrals Required
  • Same-day Removal
  • No Scarring

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Our highly experienced London Eye Surgeon can remove your eyelid lump with minimal discomfort and no scarring.

Chalazions (eyelid cysts) can be unsightly and at times even sore as you may have already experienced. Eyelid cysts can be very stubborn and often resistant to home remedies.

If you’re suffering from an eyelid cyst that refuses to go away, then minor surgery is a quick and reliable treatment.

Dr. Haris has successfully completed thousands of chalazion removal procedures. Our Eye surgeon uses a pain free technique, by using anesthetic drops in order to carry out your eye cyst removal procedure.

Dr. Haris has over a decade of experience, making him a top choice for patients looking for chalazion removal in London.

Chalazion Treatment in London

Maybe you have an eyelid cyst (chalazion) you're worried about? However, unsure about surgical treatment. In this case you can opt for just a consultation, and have a consultant eye surgeon take a look and advise.

Consultation price is £120, please give us a call or fill the call back request form in order to find out more.

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Same day treatments available

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Complete aftercare advice will be provided in written form

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Before Chalazion Removal

Before Chalazion Removal

After Chalazion Removal

After Chalazion Removal


Doctor eye cyst consultation is £120. We allocate enough time and are ready should you choose to have the treatment done on the same day straight after the consultation. The procedure also includes a follow-up some time following surgery just to check everything has healed up ok.

Eye Cyst Removal

Eye Cyst (no. of) Cost of Surgery
1 £330
2nd additional £275
3rd additional Call for more info

Meet Your Eye Surgeon in London

Haris Papanikolaou (1)

Why book to see Dr. Haris?

  • Over 10 years experience in removing eyelid lumps and bumps.
  • We remove your eyelid bump using a specialised no scar technique.
  • A painless anesthetic application (anesthetic drops) are used prior to injection
  • Painless procedure
  • Compassionate bedside manner and popular with patients
  • One hour appointment - Not rushed, each patient given ample time.

Caring service, Doctor will ask you to wait for a bit following your surgery, Dr. Haris will then check on you again, just to make sure you’re ok before you leave.

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About Dr. Haris Papanikolaou

Haris Papanikolaou (1)
  • For the last 10 years, Mr. Haris Papanikolaou has held a substantive consultant post at North Middlesex University Hospitals NHS Trust, London, UK. He holds the post of Lead Clinician of the Retina Department within the Hospital Eye Services.
  • He has successfully treated a high number of patients and his surgical complication rates are well below the UK national average.
  • He has been undertaking the supervision, teaching and training of junior ophthalmologists for many years.

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