Facial Aesthetics 

Our team of medical professionals are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, with a focus on preservation rather than transformation of your authentic self.

Facial Aesthetics 

Our team of medical professionals are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, with a focus on preservation rather than transformation of your authentic self.


  • Neurotoxin Treatments
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Skin Boosters
  • Biostimulators
  • 1000's Procedures Completed

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We are thrilled to share that the London Dermatology Clinic is now extending its services to include an exciting range of Facial Treatments!

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Enhance your natural beauty at London Dermatology Clinic 

Emphasising the preservation of natural features and a commitment to respecting the anatomical boundaries and aesthetic ratios of the face, our mission is dedicated to providing beautiful, subtle, and natural results.

Our goal is to enhance your features, fostering an outcome that celebrates and elevates your authentic self rather than fundamentally altering it.

In an industry often fueled by insecurities, fleeting trends, and a lack of acceptance for our individual traits, we aspire to establish a sanctuary.

Within this space, all adjustments and treatments are approached with a foundation of self-love and self-acceptance, fostering an environment that embraces and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual.

Types of Treatments

Neurotoxin Treatments

  • Anti-wrinkle & Muscle Relaxing: Optimal approach for addressing lines in the upper facial region, mitigating a gummy smile, addressing neck bands, and improving the appearance of a downturned mouth.
  • Bruxism & Jawline Slimming: Ideal for the treatment of troublesome teeth grinding, persistent jaw-clenching and for slimming down wide-set jaw muscles.
  • Excessive Sweating Reduction: Ideal for treating troublesome excessive sweating, affecting your underarms, palms, soles of your feet and scalp.

Dermal Filler Treatments

  • Lip Enhancement: Perfect for plumping, hydrating, rebalancing and rejuvenating, carefully placed premium filler can help to refresh not only the lip itself but also the skin around it.
  • Mid-Face Rejuvenation: Mid-face rejuvenation can involve volumising or contouring of the cheek area, improving the appearance of the nose to mouth lines or a combination of the two areas.
  • Lower Face Rejuvenation: Lower face filler treatment can focus on both rejuvenation as well as re-structuring of the area. Therefore we are ale to target the chin, the jawline as well as the marionette line area (mouth to chin lines).

Photo Gallery

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Skin Boosters and Biostimulators 

  • Profhilo: This incredible and popular skin-booster treatment can help supercharge your skin’s hydration leaving you looking glowy and plump.
  • Polynucleotides: These regenerative skin boosters promote collagen stimulation and improved circulation, leaving skin looking brighter, healthier and plumper. Undereye polynucleotides are becoming increasingly popular and are fast overtaking tear-trough filler as the treatment of choice for under-eye area rejuvenation.
  • Belotero Revive Skin Booster: These hyaluronic acid-based boosters are ideal for brightening and hydrating your complexion with minimal downtime and ultra-natural results.

Why Trust Us?

The treatments are delivered by expert plastic surgeons with decades of experience.

An experienced team of professionals to support you throughout your care.

Top choice for patients in London for minimally invasive same day procedures.

Our specialists work at some of the leading hospitals in the country.

Class-leading care at affordable prices.

Flexible appointment times for consultation and treatment.

Same day treatments available.

Independently rated 98% (4.9/5) by over 1,000 WhatClinic users.

Our procedures seamlessly integrate artistic refinement with surgical accuracy, harmonising cutting-edge cosmeceutical advancements with well-established medical proficiency. Each treatment we provide is supported by thorough scientific research, guaranteeing not only transformative outcomes but also the highest level of safety for our patients.


We offer a simple price structure whether you are looking for a single session or a competitively priced package.

Botulinum Injections

Treatment Cost
Botox 1 area (additional cost for extra areas) From £250
Botox for jaw slimming £400
Neck rejuvenation/Nefertiti neck lift (can be combined with other injectables) From £450
Botox for excess sweating/hyperhydrosis From £400

Dermal Fillers

Treatment Cost
1st syringe (1ml) £400
Each subsequent syringe at the same session £300
Tear trough rejuvenation £450 per ml
Liquid rhinoplasty £450 per ml
Lip shaping £400 per ml

Skin Boosters

Treatment Cost
Profhilo From £350 per session
Revive From £350 per session

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