Our Dermatologists In London

All our London dermatologists are registered with the UK General Medical Council and have undertaken many years of rigorous training to receive their practicing privileges. Our dermatologists also practice in NHS hospitals around London.

We are proud to have a variety of award-winning doctors in dermatology working at our London Clinic. Some also have lead roles in dermatology hospital units. They have insight into general dermatology as well as specialising in different skin conditions.

Our dermatologists in London make accurate and prompt decisions for patients to get the best outcome possible, with an emphasis placed on what the patient wants and needs. The dermatologists in London Dermatology Clinic are trained to recognise any number of different conditions and treat them with the most cutting edge technology available. Each case is looked at individually and treatment plans are customised according to each patient’s wants and needs.

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Dr. Panagiota Loukatou

(London Dermatologist)

Dr. Loukatou is one of our most experienced dermatologists having over 30 years experience in this field. She has had a particular focus on running skin cancer clinics in the NHS. Her experience is most sought after for more difficult to treat conditions as well as paediatric cases.

Dr. Dimitrios Sboukis

(London Dermatologist)

Dr. Sboukis has been specialising in dermatology since 1996 making him one of the most experienced clinicians working at London Dermatology Clinic.

Dr. Paraskevi Pitsari

(London Dermatologist)

Dr Pitsari is an experienced dermatologist with decades of clinical experience in the UK and internationally. She has an interest in psoriasis and her PhD focused on the role of mud in psoriasis treatment. She has previously worked in the private sector in Greece and is currently working at Queen's Hospital in the NHS.

Dr. Alexandra Chambers

(London Dermatologist)

Dr. Chambers has over 25 years experience in this field. Awarded an MD and PhD degrees with highest honors and board certified by both the International Division of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

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What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is a medical speciality involving the treatment of skin diseases and conditions of the hair, nails and genitals. Examples of skin, hair and nail diseases are atopic eczema, fungal infections of the nails, impetigo, lichen sclerosis, herpes simplex and alopecia areata.

Many dermatologists are also skin surgeons and routinely treat skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma or malignant melanoma.

If your GP cannot diagnose you, or they suspect you may have a dermatological problem, perhaps you should choose to see a private doctor in dermatology as one option.

What does a Dermatologist do?

A dermatologist is a physician who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the skin, hair, nails, and genitals.

Consultant dermatologists spend their professional life exclusively treating skin disease. Consequently, this gives them the highest level of expertise and experience in the field of dermatology. An accurate and early diagnosis is more likely to lead to appropriate treatment and a great improvement in the quality of life.

All of our doctors are trained in paediatric dermatology (a skin disease in children) and genital disease. We are all highly-trained skin surgeons and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Dermatologist Services In London

Here at the London Dermatology Clinic, a number of different skin conditions can be diagnosed and treated. Our experienced dermatologists have the qualifications and experience to treat any number of conditions of the skin. Whether the patient is an adult or a teenager, our London dermatologist have the expertise necessary to handle any concerns. Click on the links below for more information about each:

Skin Conditions AcneAcne Scars

Skin Conditions Skin Allergies London 1Allergies

Eczema London 1Eczema

Hair Loss London 1Hair Loss

Mole Analysis London 1Mole Analysis

Skin Cancer London 1Skin Cancer

Psoriasis London 1Psoriasis

Rosacea London 1Rosacea

Vitiligo London 1Vitiligo

How To Find London Dermatology Clinic

Our clinic is conveniently located in Central London with easy commuter access. If you are looking for dermatologist services in London, you can find us from the nearest stations below.

Nearest Stations (Walking Distance)

Monument/Bank (3 mins) | Cannon St (7 mins) | London Fenchurch St (7 mins) | Tower Hill (10 mins) | Aldgate Station (12 mins)

Mansion House (12 mins) | London Bridge (12 mins) | Liverpool St (18 mins) | Moorgate (18 mins)

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