Effective Strategies for Treating Psoriasis Scars

Psoriasis scars, though not typically alarming, can persist for extended periods. This article offers guidance on addressing and eliminating psoriasis scars.

Manage the Underlying Condition First

Our London dermatologists emphasize the importance of gaining control over your psoriasis before attempting scar removal. This is because psoriasis often emerges in the same area as the preceding scar. Failing to manage your psoriasis can undermine scar removal efforts, as the unstable condition might resurface in the same location.

Seek Professional Treatment for Active Psoriasis

If your psoriasis is active and severe and you have yet to consult a dermatologist about treatment options, it is recommended that you reach out to initiate treatment. Modern psoriasis treatments have advanced significantly, offering a diverse range of options and promising outcomes, even for severe cases.

psoriasis scars

Address Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration caused by psoriasis will naturally fade over time. Such discoloration is not true scarring but a result of post-inflammatory changes in skin tone. While it may take several months or even years for these discolored areas to clear, dermatologists suggest using emollients to expedite the process. Additionally, certain creams can help even out skin texture, restoring your previous skin tone with a softer complexion.

Dealing with True Scarring

In cases of genuine scarring caused by psoriasis—characterized by well-defined lesions rather than mere patches of post-inflammatory discoloration—it is advisable to consult an experienced dermatologist. They can offer an array of options, including prescribed topical preparations, dermal microabrasion, and laser-based treatments, tailored to your specific needs.

For further information on how our dermatologists can assist with your psoriasis concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Can psoriasis scars ever completely disappear?

While true scarring may not fully vanish, effective treatments can significantly reduce their appearance.

Are there any home remedies for psoriasis scar removal?

While the article focuses on professional treatments, maintaining skin health with moisturizers and healthy lifestyle choices can help.

Can psoriasis scar removal treatments cause side effects?

Some treatments, like laser therapy, might have mild side effects such as temporary redness or swelling, but these are generally well-managed.

How long does it take for skin discoloration to fade?

Discoloration caused by psoriasis typically clears over months to years. Emollients and creams can expedite the process.

Should I consult a dermatologist for every case of psoriasis?

While diet can influence skin health, no specific foods have a direct link to pregnancy acne.