Scarring from psoriasis

Managing Scarring from Psoriasis: Expert Solutions

Psoriasis, while not inherently a scarring condition, often leaves lasting scars for those affected. This article aims to provide guidance on effectively removing psoriasis scars, emphasizing the importance of managing the underlying condition.

Controlling Psoriasis Before Scar Removal

Dermatologists strongly recommend that individuals with psoriasis gain control over their condition before attempting to address the scars it leaves behind. Psoriasis tends to reoccur in the same areas, making scar removal efforts futile if the underlying condition remains unstable. Failure to control psoriasis may result in disappointment as the unstable condition resurfaces in the same location.

If your psoriasis is active and severe, and you have not consulted with a dermatologist for treatment options, it is advisable to seek professional help promptly. Modern psoriasis treatments have reached unprecedented levels of effectiveness, with a diverse range of options and innovative medications providing remarkable results, even in severe cases.

Scarring from psoriasis

Addressing Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration caused by psoriasis is not permanent scarring; rather, it is an example of post-inflammatory changes in skin tone. Fortunately, over time, these discolored lesions tend to clear. Dermatologists recommend using emollients to expedite the process. Additionally, certain creams can help smooth and even out the skin’s texture, aiding in the restoration of the previous skin tone and achieving a softer complexion.

True Scarring Solutions

In cases where genuine scarring from psoriasis exists—manifested as well-demarcated lesions rather than mere post-inflammatory discoloration—consulting an experienced dermatologist is crucial. Our dermatologists can provide a range of options, including prescribed topical preparations, dermal microabrasion, and laser-based treatments to address and minimize psoriasis-induced scarring. Seeking professional guidance ensures a tailored approach to effectively manage and reduce the visible impact of psoriasis on the skin.

Conclusion: A Clear Path to Skin Renewal

In conclusion, effectively addressing scarring from psoriasis involves a multi-faceted approach. By first gaining control over the underlying psoriasis condition through advanced treatments, individuals pave the way for successful scar removal. Emphasizing patience in the resolution of skin discoloration, coupled with the use of emollients and targeted creams, accelerates the restoration of a softer complexion. For true scarring, consulting with experienced dermatologists ensures access to a spectrum of options, from topical preparations to advanced procedures like dermal microabrasion and laser treatments. With these comprehensive solutions, individuals can confidently embark on a journey towards renewed skin, free from the lingering impact of psoriasis.


Can over-the-counter creams effectively treat psoriasis scars?

Over-the-counter creams may help with post-inflammatory skin tone changes but are not always sufficient for true psoriasis scarring. Consult with a dermatologist for personalized guidance.

How long does it take for psoriasis-induced skin discoloration to clear?

The duration varies, but it often takes several months to years. Emollients and targeted creams recommended by dermatologists can expedite the process.

Are there lifestyle changes that can prevent psoriasis recurrence in scarred areas?

While there’s no guaranteed prevention, maintaining overall skin health, stress management, and adherence to prescribed treatments can contribute to reducing psoriasis flare-ups.

Can laser treatments completely remove psoriasis scars?

Laser treatments, among other options, can significantly reduce the appearance of psoriasis scars, but complete removal may not always be possible. Consult with a dermatologist for realistic expectations.

Are there any natural remedies for psoriasis scars?

While some natural remedies may offer relief, their effectiveness varies. It’s essential to consult with a dermatologist for evidence-based treatments tailored to individual needs.

Can psoriasis scar removal be covered by insurance?

Coverage depends on individual insurance plans. Consult with your insurance provider and dermatologist to understand the potential coverage for psoriasis scar removal treatments.