The importance of seeing an experienced doctor can make all the difference in the results you will achieve. We see many patients who have had their cysts return after surgery elsewhere in the past. Often, the rate of recurrence can be minimized through a proper understanding of the cyst structure and complete removal. Many clinics simply drain cysts, squeeze the contents out and inevitably the cyst sac refills over time. Often, the sac is not entirely removed and again recurs at a later date.

Here at the London Dermatology Clinic, our specialist team has a unique and class-leading approach to removing troublesome and unsightly cysts from your body. Whilst other clinics will offer to “squeeze” your cysts, with a higher risk of the cyst simply returning, our specialist surgeons will remove the entire cyst, almost always intact, allowing you to literally see to it that it has been fully removed.

We consider ourselves a specialist center for sebaceous cyst removals due to the highly sophisticated surgical team on-board and their record low recurrence rates.

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