10 Foods For Healthy Skin

Nutrition is very important for health and maintaing a well balanced diet can help you in many ways which includes promoting a healthier skin and living a healthier life. An unhealthy diet is rekowned to damage your organs, metabolism and cause weight gain which also leads to bad skin. There are many foods which can help you in many ways and by maintaining a healthy diet can help your skin in the long run.

10 Foods For Healthy Skin

Here are 10 foods which contains key vitamins to help promote a healthier skin:

1) Carrots

Carrots are a popular healthy root vegetable which is a great source of beta carotene, fibre, vitamin K1, vitamin c, potassium, and antioxidants. These nutrients can help improve skin health which can also protect your skin from free radical damage. Although they are best to eat in moderation, you can find plenty of homemade carrot juice recipes for a healthy detox.

2) Apricots

There are impressive health benefit of apricots which can help our skin. Apricots are not just useful for maintaining the smooth and shiny appearance of the skin; it also aids in treating a number of skin diseases including eczema, itching, scabies, and a number of other irritating conditions.

3) Oranges

Orange is a phenomenal fruit as it’s full of ingredients that will help to boost your skin complexion. Oranges are juicy, sweet citrus fruits known for being high in vitamin C.

4) Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers contains a high amount of vitamin C which can be extremely beneficial for your skin. For example, the vitamin C contained in red bell peppers helps to form collagen which is a structural fibre that is needed to hold everything together. Collagen is required by your skin to remain healthy and even minor deficiencies in vitamin C can cause skin problems.

5) Spinach

Spinach, and other green leafy vegetables, are packed with essential nutrients and they have a range of health benefits which promote hair and skin health benefits. These properties could be attributed to the phytochemicals in spinach.

6) Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain a high amount of beta-carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A, is one of the reasons sweet potatoes have their rich, beautiful orange colour. After eating sweet potatoes, your body will convert beta-carotene into vitamin A, which promote a healthier skin.

7) Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has multiple health and beauty benefits which can boost your skin’s moisture, protect your skin from sun damage and diminish wrinkles. Dark chocolate is rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D and E, plus iron and calcium. A strong percentage of dark chocolate can nourish your skin from the inside out to replace lost moisture it contains antioxidant flavonoids to protect the skin of harmful UV.

8) Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very healthy and nutritious which contains antioxidants and vitamin C, which may help strengthen your immune system and is good for a healthier skin.

9) Berries

Berries are known as the superfood of today which are small, sweet, and highly nutritious. A diet high in berries such as blueberries or goji berries is associated with better heart health and circulation, which is important for skin health.

10) Sunflower Seeds

Another rich superfood for our skin are sunflower seeds which provides enough nourishment and moisture to our cells to keep our skin soft, supple, smooth and healthy. It also contains essential fatty acids (linoleic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, etc.) which have powerful anti-bacterial properties, which wards off breakouts, infections, and other skin issues.

Which Nutrients Does Your Skin Need?

The key is to eat a balanced diet and include more wholefoods in your diet that are nutrient-rich. However, if you are looking for particular nutrients to help improve your healthy skin, you should look out for:
  • Vitamin C – important for healthy skin and healing.
  • Vitamin E – important for skin growth and repair.
  • Selenium – important for your immune system and protecting your skin against sun damage.
  • Zinc – important for the sebaceous glands that produce oil in your skin.

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