Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a condition also known as alopecia and can affect the scalp or even the entire body.

Although hair loss is most often associated with men, it can affect women and children as well.

The London Dermatology Clinic sees a variety of different patients who are affected by hair loss and offers a range of treatment options for them.

Stress can have a significant impact on our bodies.

One of the ways that it can affect you is by increasing the amount of hair you lose or preventing your hair from growing as well as it should.

Hair loss

Causes of hair loss

More than all other causes of alopecia, genetics often plays a significant role in determining who will suffer from hair loss.

This type of skin condition is referred to male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness and has been seen by the London Dermatology Clinic as early as puberty.

Another common cause of hair loss is hormonal changes or imbalances that occur at menopause, a discontinuation of birth control medications, pregnancy or even childbirth.

These causes of alopecia are generally seen by the London Dermatology Clinic to be a temporary loss associated only with the hormonal change.

Alopecia areata is a disease that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles and results in round, smooth patches of hair loss.

How Stress Causes Hair Loss

Stress can cause hair loss in several different ways.

Your emotional state can exacerbate many physical health conditions, including those that cause hair loss.

Stress can also reduce your general health, which may cause thinning or weakening of the hair even if there is no specific condition associated with the hair loss.

This kind of stress-related hair loss could occur in patches or across the scalp.

Another possible link between stress and hair loss is that it could trigger compulsive hair pulling.

Understanding why hair loss is happening and what role stress is playing is important as it will ensure you get the right treatment and support.

Tackling Stress-Related Hair Loss

If your hair loss is related to stress then it is important to tackle the cause rather than only focusing on the symptoms.

Reducing your stress levels could have a significant impact on your hair as well as improving your general health and wellbeing.

You should discuss the causes of your stress with your doctor or visit a psychologist to learn some stress management techniques.

You might be able to eliminate some sources of stress in your life or to improve the way you manage them.

Making sure that you take time to relax, get enough sleep and some regular outdoor exercise can also help with stress.

The effects of stress-related hair loss are usually temporary and will improve once your mental state gets better.

However, if stress is exacerbating another condition rather than causing hair loss on its own, you may also need additional treatment from your dermatologist.

Hair Loss Treatment with Dermatologist

The treatments of hair loss recommended by the London Dermatology Clinic differ according to the causes of the alopecia itself.

The dermatologist will conduct a series of tests on sufferers to determine the cause of the hair loss to determine how best to treat it at the skin clinic.

Often, the London Dermatology Clinic recommends medications such as Rogaine or Propecia as a first line of treatment. Other treatments may include Follicular Unit Extraction, hair transplant, nutritional supplements and laser therapies.

If the hair loss is sudden, it is recommended to take to a doctor as soon as possible as it may require medical treatment of an underlying condition.

The London Dermatology Clinic is determined to help sufferers regain the confidence and youthful appearance that they may be lacking.

Hair Loss Online Consultation

Book a hair loss appointment online today with a specialist.

Speak to one of our expert dermatologist consultant’s about your hair loss from the comfort of your own home.

We have a selection of online appointments available to speak with one of our UK registered and experienced skin doctor online.

We have found online video consultations to be extremely successful and popular among our patients because it requires no travel, no waiting times and it can be scheduled from your smartphone.

How can I schedule an online consultation for hair loss?

You can easily book an online appointment with a dermatologist at the London Dermatology Clinic. Simply call 020 7112 4924 or email to set up a convenient video consultation.



Can stress-related hair loss be permanent?

Typically, stress-related hair loss is temporary and improves as stress levels decrease. However, if it exacerbates an underlying condition, it may require additional treatment.

Are there natural remedies for stress-related hair loss?

Managing stress through relaxation techniques, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can help improve hair health. Consulting a doctor or psychologist for stress management is advisable.

What treatment options are available for different causes of hair loss?

Treatment options, such as medications, hair transplant, supplements, and laser therapies, vary depending on the cause of hair loss. A dermatologist will recommend the most suitable treatment after conducting tests.


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